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Scene above is from a music jam held on a Friday night in December 2003.  Pictured are Randy Walker on Harmonica, Lee Elmer to his right, Willie Christenson on the far left, and  John Hancock is seated on the far right.

Listed below are some of the groups that have frequented the coffeehouse.
Links to their websites or itineraries are provided as available
Not all groups are linked as yet, but will be updated as the materials become available. 


Click on photo for a link to their website

These guys are truly AWESOME!  You really don't want to miss them.
Garrett (center) is the 'artist' and devoted servant of God that produces the Public Service Announcements for the musical guests that inspire us with their gifts and love of Jesus.  Click here to listen to one of the incredibly professional spots that Garret has produced for us at no cost to the coffeehouse
(Did I get enough superlatives in there? I'm not sure that's possible, but I tried my best)
The announcements are very generously aired at no cost by
WHEM Radio 93.1 FM
You will also hear ads about the Saturday night musicians on
 WWIB Radio 103.7 FM
Ads by Air (12-1 pm every Saturday)
hosted by Steve Snyder (right).  Dave, on the left, doesn't advertise for us, but he is an integral member providing the third voice that fills out the pleasing harmonies you'll hear when you listen to this group.  I'm thinking we may need a 'write-in' campaign to convince these guys to get an album recorded!

Click on their photo for a link to their new website
Truman & The Bluegrass Travelers

Truman Stricklen is the pastor of
Living Waters Church  in Bruce, WI, as well as being the host of the Chippewa Valley Bluegrass Festival.  It's been a few years since Truman has been at the coffeehouse, and we are really looking forward to his return!

Click on their photo for a link to their website

Click on their photo for a link to their new website

Click on their photo for a link to the website

Click on photo for a link to their website

Click on Kyle's photo for a link to his website

The Otterson Family
Traditional Worship

This group is a joyous blend of harmony, musical excellence and refreshing family values.

These guys were absolutely wonderful! 
Watch the schedule as we hope to have them back again soon.

Contemporary Gospel

Click on picture for more info about this group

Rachenee comes from Lansing, MI and has a lovely voice and a light and lively contemporary musical style.  You can hear samples of her music by clicking on her photo and checking out her website.

Sara Aten
Original Contemporary Gospel

From Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and back often because she's so special!
 Click on picture for link to her site


Garrett & Andrea Novak

 Click on picture for link to their ministry site

Original Contemporary Gospel
Very powerful in song and ministry.  Don't miss her visits!
Click on picture for link to Broken Box ministry site
 Ps 150

Click on picture for a link to the heart of Ps 150
Contemporary Christian
Check here for further description of their musical style.
I love it when these guys are here, and I'm sure you will too.

Ray French
Gospel - Blues Style

Guitarist & vocalist Ray French is a seasoned musician who has a unique blend of Southern Rock, blues, Country and more. 
With influences like Carman, BB King, Clapton, Vaughn, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, CCR, Mylon, Bryan Duncan and Mark Farner, it's guaranteed you haven't heard Gospel music quite like this before...

Click on Ray's picture to go to his website
You can also hear some of his music *here*
Sermons in Song
Original Gospel

Click on photo for a link to his website where you can hear his music.

From classical music to fiddle tunes, from movie music to hymn arrangements, Rose of Sharon presents an evening of solo violin music that all ages will enjoy. Trained as a classical musician, Rose takes a fresh look at folk and popular music, as well as Bach and Mozart, to provide something for every taste. Enjoy!
The Messengers
Bluegrass Gospel

From Brussels, WI.
Erin Rass, mandolin; Calyn Rass, banjo; Hana Rass, fiddle;
Teri Rass, bass; Dan Rass, guitar.
This family is a real treat!  Just hear them once, and you'll want to be here
every time they appear!


Shawn Morrison
Contemporary Worship

From Bethany International in Minneapolis, Shawn is the Director of Operations for Bethany College of Missions and is also associated with an inner city missions program named
"Good In The Hood"
This will be the 4th visit at Barnabas House for Shawn & his family and friends.  Their manner of sharing is wonderful, musically speaking, but also touches the heart and soul.  Please come and be blessed this evening and bring all the friends you can muster!


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